Illumina iScan is a fully automated confocal laser chip detection system, which is equipped with 532nm and 635nm dual-laser excitation. It can achieve <1um resolution through a confocal scanning. The principle of the chip detection is acid etched in a silicon wafer formed with a diameter of approximately 3um pits. each pit can accommodate a single bead which is connected with one kind of oligonucleotide. Various of beads pooled on one chip is formed of one specifications of the chip. In the Infinium technic, there is a single base extension in the interested SNP after the template DNA combined with the oligonucleotide. We can distinguish the genotype by detecting the fluorescent of the extended base. On the other hand, We can distinguish the genotype by detecting the fluorescent of the captured fragment in the GoldenGate technic. In the iScan platform, you can choose the different densities of the chip to avoid producing many non-essential data which is similar to sequencing. Scanning a chip with 2.5M SNP loci only require 30min. It has the advantages of high throughput, fast and low cost. It’s very suitable for large-scale locus screening and verification study.

                                             Figure 1  iScan  
                                Figure 2  Chip structure


Performance Parameters

• Equipped with 532nm and 635nm dual-laser excitation, achieve high-quality data by confocal scanning with a high resolution (0.54 μm),

• Compatible with Infinium HD Chip and GoldenGate Universal Chip.

• Flexible: Customer can choose Illumina commercial chip, semi-custom chip or custom chip.

• Integrated with Auto Loader2, achieved automation.


                                     Figure 3 Infinium workflow          
                           Figure 4 GoldenGate workflow


• Genotyping and CNV, LOH studies

• Agriculture microarray scanning and unscrambling

• SNP chip customized services

• Chip-based cytogenetic study

• Family linkage chip scanning and unscrambling

• Chip-based methylation study