BGI Tech enables next-generation human disease research using technology-leading platforms for “multi-omic” analysis. Our breadth of services makes it possible to study human health and disease in Cancer, Mendelian and Complex diseases, genetic and epigenetic analysis, pathway research and more.

BGI Tech offers Pharma customers comprehensive, multi-omic solutions combining the latest technologies with high-level bioinformatics analysis. These solutions enable our customers to make the drug and biomarker discovery process more productive and efficient. Our services include genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, and validation. Joining them together in a “trans-omics” approach is revolutionizing the biomedical and drug discovery process.

Animal / Plant

New technologies have revolutionized plant and animal research, allowing us to explore each species from DNA, RNA to protein levels, enabling researchers to detect functional genes and markers of important traits to facilitate molecular breeding and improve agriculture production and conservation.


BGI Tech provides cost-effective and fast-turnaround microbial DNA/RNA/protein research services employing a combination of various cutting-edge technologies such as HiSeq, 454 and Ion torrent, BGI can help you rapidly advance your research to explore food testing, human health, environmental testing and other applications of microbial genetics.