There are over 5500 BGIers around the world working in diverse roles in our various business divisions globally. Each of  them has a story to tell about their own experiences at BGI. 

Take a look at some of BGIers and learn more about what it is really like to work as a BGIer.


Give me those who are younger and more energetic than I am.

Give me those who are more brave in thinking and innovative than I am.

Give me those who are more devoted to science and society than I am!


Join BGI, all those who’s as above.

No doubt you will expand your exposure to the whole world, everybody and everything. BGI now is everywhere in only 15 years.

Surely you will be more confident by being together with so many ambitious boys and girls.

Soon you will find the right place in such a new world of BGI, both its machines and its working conditions, both its tradition and its atmosphere.

Of course you will learn more from so many collaborators and visitors, friends and teachers, from all over the world. A difference can be made to you, and to BGI.

We cannot promise you a brilliant future, just the chance to be built by yourself, and with other young BGIers.

HuanmingYang, Ph.D.

Co-founder & Chairman



When I am asked what is like to work for BGI, let alone a Chinese company, I always bring up the perks before talking about the job itself.


Due to this fast changing industry, growing NGS industrial applications and the technology innovation beating Moore's law, BGI is a platform for opportunity. As one of the top 3 most innovative companies in China we are constantly presented with new initiatives and ideas which give the opportunity to work on projects  that we most care for, thus giving everyone their chance to shine.

Manfredi San Germano 

Business Development, BGI-Europe



Working for BGI is exciting. Working here means you can contribute to better human life every second. You can develop your talents and enjoy work flexibility. It is great!!! We at BGI are looking for a variety of word-class talented individuals with the passion for exploring the mystery of genes. Come on! Let's start with great work in genomics and make a difference for human life!


I work in the Headquarters office in Shenzhen and I am in charge of talent acquisition for BGI overseas business divisions. I cover the regions of Europe, Africa, America and Asia-Pacific. The job offer that I had was great. It fitted really with where I wanted to take my career. A job here is a career made by myself, with development opportunities, benefits and a working culture that embraces diversity. It is satisfying to work with so many skilled and knowledgeable people, and to know that every small thing I do can help to make a huge difference to the team.

Hang SU

HR, BGI Headquarters


BGI-Shenzhen HR


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