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Prof. Huanming Yang to Receive Membership from Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
Publish Date: 2016-11-24

On 17, Nov., 2016, Prof. Huanming Yang, the co-founder and Chairman of BGI-China, was awarded as the foreign member of Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (Danish: Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab). 

The membership is a recognition for Prof. Yang’s devotion and contribution to decades of collaboration between Denmark and China, including the Sino-Danish Breast Cancer Research and collaboration with Calsberg Foundation. Also, Prof.Yang is distinguished for many important contributions to genome research. Some world-renowned researches include the international Human Genome Project (HGP), the HapMap Project, and the 1000 Genomes Project, the first Asian genomes, human pan-genome, ancient genomes, etc.   

Prof. Yang is the only Chinese scientist to receive the honor this year. Prior to this, he was elected as the foreign associate of USA National Academy of Sciences (2014) and the foreign associate of German National Academy of Sciences (2012). Previous memberships include the foreign fellow of Indian National Science Academy (2009); the fellow of The World Academy of Sciences (2008). He was also the academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2007) and prior to that awarded as the associate fellow of European Molecular Biology Organization (2006).

The award ceremony was held in Denmark, with attendees from KDVS, the president Prof. Mogens Høgh Jensen, the secretary general Mr. Lars Arge, the member of KDVS and the chairman of Carlsberg Foundation Dr. Flemming Besenbache. Also, representatives from the Embassy of the PRC in Denmark, the Chinese ambassador H.E Mr Biwei Liu, the counsellor of science and technology Mr. Wei Tong, the first secretary of science and technology Mr. Dechun Chen, as well as Prof. Yang’s doctoral adviser Prof. Soren Nørby and his wife, the professor from University of Copenhagen Karsten Kristiansen, and the manager of Nordic Area of BGI Europe Ms. Ruiqi Xu, etc., were present at this ceremony to celebrate for Prof.Yang’s success.

About KDVS

The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters was founded in Copenhagen on 13 November 1742 by King Christian VI. So far, it has embraced nearly all branches of science and scholarship and has about 250 Danish members and 250 foreign members. Some prominent figures included Dr. Franz Boas, the "Father of American Anthropology", Prof. Hermann Emil Fischer, the Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, and Dr. Chunli Bai, the president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc.