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  • BGI Group Unveils MGIUS-R3 Remote Ultrasound System in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    On April 9, 2019, the 22nd International Economic Fair Mostar officially opened in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). BGI, as the world’s leading genomics organization, was invited by the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC) to show its achievements and advanced genomics technologie...

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  • BGI Group and Shenzhen Const

           12月26日下午,在深圳国家基因库,华大集团与中国建设银行深圳市分行(以下简称“深圳建行”)举行战略合作协议的签约仪式。根据协议,深圳建行为华大集团成员企业提供综合金融服务,用于满足华大集团的发展。 双方举行签约仪式     &nb...

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  • Five orphan crop genomes are

    12月7日,由深圳华大生命科学研究院主导,非洲孤生作物联盟(The AfricanOrphan Crops Consortium, 简称AOCC)等共同合作完成的“The Draft Genomes of Five Agriculturally Important African OrphanCrops” 论文在完全开放获取期刊GigaScience上发表。 非洲孤生作物遗传资源种类丰富多样,是非洲许多国家、地区人民的食物...

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