BGI Asia-Pacific team was founded in the end of 2012. As an international team covering the Asia-Pacific region, we provide sequencing-based genetic services to almost one half of the world’s population and make great contributions to the globalization of BGI.

As a part of the world’s largest genomics institute specializing in genomics research and clinical applications, BGI Asia is engaged in providing genomics, bioinformatics and other Next-Generation sequencing based clinical services to the public. At present, our genetic services offer various tests for reproductive health (Non-invasive Trisomy Test, PGD/PGS, etc), newborn screening (Hearing Impairment, Autism, Metabolic Disorders, etc), cancer (Breast/Ovarian Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, etc), pathogenic microorganisms (HPV, HCV, HBV, etc), HLA typing , pharmacogenomics and more.

Life-cycle solutions is another service BGI Asia provides, it cover a variety of areas including both human-related research and clinical applications. Until now, we already built up stable relationship with many medical institutions, top hospitals, third-party agencies and biotech companies. Relying on the academic strength and professional clients-oriented attitude, BGI-health has gained excellent reputation worldwide.

With the state-of-the-art sequencing equipment, technology and knowhow in genomic research, BGI Asia focuses on developing genomics/bioinformatics methodologies and technologies, and offering clinical and genomics services to the Asia-Pacific region. Our mission is to make the genetic tests available, accessible and affordable to the general population with global collaborations, thus reduce the incidence of birth defects and eradicate certain human diseases.

BGI Health Asia-Pacific team is currently divided into four sections in charge of four different parts of the Asia-Pacific region, respectively. 

Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia team of BGI Asia covers a series of regions including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. Teaming up with leading universities/institutes and top hospitals in the Southeast Asia region, we provid cutting-edge clinical genetic tests and medical research collaboration/services.

South Asia:

South Asia team covers India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. Relying on the advanced technologies on genetic testing and strong research background of BGI, the team provides latest clinical services to countries in South Asia region. Up to now, South Asia team has already built up partnership with many leading medical institutions and biotech companies, thus gained great reputations in clinical excellence.

Middle East:

The Middle East is a region composed of southern and eastern Mediterranean countries, covering an area from eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf. Through the hard work of the team, BGI Health had already set up collaborations in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Iraq and other countries. So far, thousands of pregnant women from Middle East have benefited from BGI’s NIFTY service, screening for chromosomal aneuploidy starting from the 10th week of pregnancy. Meanwhile, BGI also focuses on the screening and diagnosis of monogenic diseases, cancer, autism and other genetic tests.


Oceania region includes Australia and New Zealand, two highly developed countries with advanced economic, scientific and medical standards. Based on the state-of-the-art technology, BGI Asia provides NIFTY service and other genetic testing to the region with high quality and reliability. BGI Asia has established stable relationship with many local hospitals.

Hong Kong:

In July 2010, BGI HongKong was officially established. With over 100 units of high throughput sequencers, it has the highest sequencing capacity in the world.

For more information, please click BGI HK.


BGI Japan was founded at the end of the year 2010 with its headquarter in Kobe.It is another business region after BGI Americas, BGI Europe and BGI Asia pacific.BGI Japan provides quality-ensured services with short turnaround time.

For more information, please click BGI Japan.


BGI Laos was founded in 2007 with mission of supporting the national "going out" strategy and exploring innovative development modes, BGI Laos propose to combine the natural resources of Laos and BGI’s leading biotechnology to develop cooperations in Agriculture, Healthcare and other possible fields, together with Lao partners to advancing bioindustry development of Laos.

For more information, please click BGI Laos


May, 2013
BGI Health signed cooperation agreement with S.R.L, the largest medical testing organization in India, to introduce the NIFTY test, cancer genetic tests and other genetic tests to India.
April, 2013
BGI Health Asia-Pacific team participated in the 2013 Human Genome Meeting and 21st International Congress of Genetics. Prof. Qi Ming and Dr. Zhang Lei gave excellent speeches on genomic research and clinical services in BGI. The meeting greatly enhanced BGI’s reputation in Southeast Asia and laid foundation for BGI’s local development.
April 2013
Dr. T. P. Baskaran accepted the invitation to be an honorary professor of BGI Health. As a highly respected regional leader in fetal medicine, Dr. Baskaran is helping to build up a network between maternal fetal medicines professionals in Malaysia and BGI Health.

April 11th, 2013
The delegates from Chulalongkorn Hospital, one of the top public hospitals in Thailand, visited BGI in Shenzhen. Prof. Dhiraphongs and Dr. Saknan discussed with BGI Health team about the collaboration on Newborn screening and other genetic diagnosis, together with the development of genomic applications in clinical medicine.
April, 2013
DNA Laboratories from Malaysia visited BGI in Shenzhen. CEO Dr. WONG Yongwee and Marketing Director Mr. Calvin Thien had a discussion on the collaboration details in reproductive and fetal health, as well as other clinical services.
April, 2013
BGI Health signed cooperation agreement to work with IVIOMICS from Spain in India, to promote the development and application of NIFTY service in north India, especially IVF hospitals.
March, 2013
BGI Health signed cooperation agreement with Srushti Hospital, one of the most famous Institute in India for reproductive medicine, to promote the development and application of NIFTY in south India, especially IVF hospitals.
March, 2013
BGI Health signed cooperation agreement with Metropolis, one of the biggest third-party clinical testing providers in India, aimed to introduce advanced genetic testing technology into India, to improve the reproductive health level of local residents.
March, 2013
The Eastern Biotech & Life Science in UAE co-organized with BGI Health for the launch seminar of NIFTY service in Dubai, and over a hundred local OB/GYN doctors participated. Dr. Ying LIU, the Marketing Director of BGI Asia-Pacific team, presented to the participants a variety of genetic tests provided by BGI, especially NIFTY. BGI Asia intends to reduce the incidence of birth defects and other genetic diseases in Middle East by introducing the most advanced genetic tests in local population. Genome web news link:http://www.genomeweb.com//node/1207906?hq_e=el&hq_m=1539296&hq_l=1&hq_v=ff9fa2f28c
March 4th, 2013
The delegates from Siriraj Hospital visited BGI. Siriraj Hospital is the largest public hospital in Thailand and the delegates signed a MOU with BGI on providing high quality medical services in Thailand.

February, 2013
INEX signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Primary Healthcare Limited, starting to promote BGI’s NIFTY services in seven states, especially major cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Primary Health Care is one of the top medical companies in Australia, with 87 medical centers, 87 pathology laboratories and 782 sample collection centers. Through Laverty Pathology in Sydney, Dorevitch Pathology in Melbourne, QML pathology in Brisbane and Western Diagnostic in Perth, Primary Health Care is providing NIFTY service in Australia as iGeneScreen.
February, 2013
BGI Health was invited to exhibit and present sequencing-based genetic tests at the Jordan National Obstetrics and Gynecology Conference.

January, 2013
BGI Health Asia-Pacific team was invited to the International Conference on Next Evolution in Genetics and Genomics in New Delhi. Dr. Ying LIU, senior scientist and marketing director, gave an enlightening speech on NIFTY test.
October, 2012
Dr. Faruq, CEO of UAE Eastern Biotech & Life Science visited BGI, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement with BGI on genetic testing of monogenic diseases, thalassemia and hereditary tumors. 
September, 2012
BGI COO Mr. Yin Ye signed a cooperation agreement with INEX INNOVATIONS EXCHANGE in Singapore, aiming to promote women’s reproductive health in Southeast Asia. The non-executive director, Professor Mahesh Choolani is the top OB/GYN specialist in Singapore and the whole AP region and also an honorary professor of BGI.
September, 2012
BGI Health participated in India ISPAT Annual Meeting, and gave two presentations on our progress of NIFTY and Monogenic Diseases. The participation of BGI Health had greatly enhanced BGI’s image and laid foundation for local collaborations.

August, 2012
Rak Luke Maganize in Thailand reported the launch of NIFTY test in Thailand.
July, 2012
The first third-party testing laboratory in Thailand, Bangkok R.I.A LAB.C0.,LTD. (Bria lab), signed contract with BGI for NIFTY distribution in Thailand.
June, 2012
 BGI signed contract with Malaysia Fetal Genome Sdn Bhd, to promote NIFTY service in Malaysia.
June, 2012
Dr. Ying LIU, the Marketing Director of Asia-Pacific team, and Miss Shanshan Tang, the Sales Director, were invited to visit Erbil, Iraq and signed cooperation agreement with the Excellent Company in Iraq, aiming to introduce the most advanced genetic technology to Iraq.

April, 2012
BGI Diagnosis Asia-Pacific team participated in the 2012 Vietnam maternity medical congress. BGI Sales Director, Ms. Shanshan Tang, gave an inspiring speech on prenatal genetic testing.
March 9th2012
The delegates from the National Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Vietnam visited BGI.

February, 2012
BGI signed cooperation agreement with INEX (Inex Innovations Exchange), one of the top diagnostic products providers on gynecological health in Singapore. BGI authorizes INEX to promote NIFTY service in Australia, aiming to reduce the incidence of birth defects in Australia with the most reliable, secure and accurate genetic testing services.

Collaboration Highlights

Southeast Asia 


        INEX INNOVATIONS EXCHANGE PTE LTD   http://www.inex.sg


         DNA Laboratories Sdn Bhd    http://dna-laboratories.com

         Fetal Genome Sdn Bhd        


         Bangkok BRIA Group   http://www.brianet.com

South Asia


Sir Ganga Ram Hospital  www.sgrh.com 

IVIOMICS India  www.novaivifertility.com


S.R.L Diagnostics www.srldiagnostics.com/

Metropolis Healthcare Limited    www.metropolisindia.com


Srusthi Fertility Centre  www.srushtiivf.com/

Middle East Asia

Sandi Arabia

Saudi Ajal for Health Services   http://saudiajal.net/


Eastern Biotech & Life Science   http://www.easternbiotech.com/

Scientific Clinical Laboratories   http://www.scluae.com/


Excellent company 


INEX                              www.igenescreen.com

Primary Health                 www.primaryhealthcare.com.au

BGI Laos was founded in 2007 with mission of supporting the national "going out" strategy and exploring innovative development modes, BGI Laos propose to combine the natural resources of Laos and BGI’s leading biotechnology to develop cooperations in Agriculture, Healthcare and other possible fields, together with Lao partners to advancing bioindustry development of Laos.

In 2007, BGI-LAOS CO. ,LTD was officially established. Since then, BGI Laos has built 4 Agricultural base(including Sangthong,Thoulakhom,Nam Souang and Laos-China Demonstration Park of Modern Agricultural Science) with a total area of 50.5 hectares, and carried out breeding or seed selection experiments of 30 species(over 110 varieties such as rice, balsa wood, Sacha Inchi,etc.). Depends on these work, BGI Laos has accumulated valuable experiences for Laos bioindustry development.

BGI Laos has established stable relationship with Lao ministry of Ministry of Science and Technology, Lao Ministry of National Defense, Lao Ministry of Health and many other local government departmentsor institutes. All parties agree that combine the natural resources of Laos and BGI’s leading biotechnology is a good way to help lao solve its development problems, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Laos is a staging base of BGI’s globalization, in the future, BGI Laos will plan on a tighter integration with the abundant natural resources of Southeast Asia and our own technology, step by step to build up the World-advanced Breeding Center, cooperate with partners of Southeast Asia to realize industrialization in modern agriculture,  environmental protection, renewable energy and healthcare. 


BGI Laos and the Lao Ministry of 

Science and Technology signed MOU

BGI Laos and the Biotechnology and 

Ecology Institute of Lao Ministry of 

Science and Technology signed a contract

BGI Laos and the Lao Ministry of National 

Defense signed a contract 

BGI and the Institut Pasteur of Laos have 

signed a strategic cooperation agreement

BGI and the Institute of Tranditional Medicine

 of Lao Ministry of Health signed MOU

BGI and China National GeneBank support Lao 

Ministry of Health to publish The Medicnal Plants 

and Herbs in the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic


BGI aims to develop into an international organization, to respond to promoting the collaboration opportunities between Hong Kong and Shenzhen based the call from Chinese Government and to utilize the support of the local high tech industry from Hong Kong government. In March 2009, BGI and the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) collaboratively established the CUHK-BGI Genome Research Center to initiate the research collaboration.

From then on, BGI developed a high profile research and development platform to apply genomics technologies into healthcare. This R&D platform has successfully developed tests and screenings that are integrated into healthcare services.

In July 2010, BGI HongKong was officially established. With over 100 units of high throughput sequencers, it has the highest sequencing capacity in the world.In addition to the astonishing sequencing capacity, BGI HongKong also has a genetic data processing and bioinformatics center, proteomics research platform, clinical analysis center, and financial center to provide the best service to researchers and collaborators from all around the world.

Newspaper article on CUHK-BGI clinical genomics sequencing collaboration memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony by Wen Wei Po (Hong Kong Media)

The BGI-owned property in Tai Po Industrial Estate has a total area of 8,000 square metresBGI HongKong has over 90 employees. There are close to 80 units of HiSeq 2000 sequencers capable of generating a total of 3.85Tb per 24 hours.


Sequencing Laboratory

Currently, the sequencing laboratory and the computational platform are operational. The next step is to expand into an international service center, complete with an international genomic data processing center.

At the same time, BGI HongKong is actively collaborating with local research teams to provide technical services and expertise to develop and expand into the healthcare industry. BGI HongKong is diligently supporting and pushing the Hong Kong biotech industry to new heights and breakthroughs.

Due to Hong Kong’s geographical location and its unique history as a former British colony, BGI HongKong is BGI’s linkage with the rest of the world. BGI HongKong acts as BGI’s world logistic center, information center, and a hub for the exchanges of ideas.


July, 2011, CUHK-BGI Innovation Institute of Trans-omics established.

July, 2011, BGI HongKong’s International Sample Receiving Center started operation.

July, 2011, The 1st healthcare service specimen delivered to BGI HongKong for sequencing.

August, 2011, BGI HongKong expanded its services to Macau, China.

November, 2012BGI Genomics Research Institute-Hong Kong established.

December, 2012, “Joint Laboratory Collaboration MOU” signed with Genomics, Taiwan.

December, 2012, BGI TECH SOLUTIONS (HONGKONG) CO., LIMITED established.

March, 2013Inborn error of metabolism (IEM) newborn testing service agreement signed with CUHK.

Business and Operations

BGI Hongkong is divided into 2 entities, BGI Tech Solutions (Hong Kong) and BGI Diagnosis (HK). Tech Solutions is responsible for providing local and overseas researchers with outstanding and convenient sequencing services. Health is responsible for translating successful and innovative R&D projects into mature genetic-based clinical testing and services to benefit the general public.

In November, 2012, BGI Genomics Research Institute-Hong Kong was established. It allows for close collaboration among Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan researchers and experts. It also allows the research institute to apply for funding from government grants and other research funds to initiate collaborative research. 


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Genomics BioSci & Tech, Taiwan


BGI Japan was founded at the end of the year 2010 with its headquarter in Kobe, it provides quality-ensured services with short turnaround time.

Visit BGI Japan website please click here.

Leveraging the world largest sequencing platform and superb bioinformatics analysis ability of BGI, BGI Japan offers a superb stage for research institutes and scientists to collaborate and communicate on academic&scientific projects. So far, BGI Japan has already established partnerships with a number of well-known universities, large research institutes and researchers in Japan. Two symposiums on cancer research have been held so far. The China-Japan Symposium on Cancer Research meeting has been successfully held at Shenzhen for the first time in 2011, the “2nd Japan-China Symposium on Cancer Research”, has been successfully held at Chiba, Japan during May 9th~11th, 2012. It provided an opportunity for cancer researchers in China and Japan to familiarize with each other’s contribution to scientific research as well as to facilitate international collaboration in cancer study between the two countries.

In order to ensure a better service for Japanese clients, BGI has built a team consisted of Japanese talents and Chinese overseas on document refinement and local Japanese staff for the localization of BGI services. Based on the BGI Japan Kobe office, we have set up a high-efficient logistics service system to make sure samples from the clients could be delivered to BGI Hongkong Sample Center timely.

BGI Japan will continuously promote the development of genomics research, biology industry and healthcare research between China and Japan. 


At the end of 2010BGI Japan was founded.

On May, 2011, the China-Japan Symposium on Cancer Research meeting was jointly organized by BGI, Chiba Cancer Center and The Beijing Institute for Cancer Research. It has been successfully held at Shenzhen for the first time which aimed to promote academic exchanges between Chinese and Japanese scientists who focus their researches on cancer, which had always been a heated field in biological study.

On May 9th-11th 2012 , the 2nd Japan-China Symposium on Cancer Research was held at Chiba, Japan, which is jointly organized by Chiba Cancer Center, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, facilitated international collaboration in cancer study between the two countries.

In July, 2012, the first realname personal data was open to public, the technology that the researchers used at this project was the BGI whole genome sequencing.

In september,2012five seminars were jointly held by BGI Japan, The University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, Keio University and : National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences to introduce the advanced technologies and research progress of BGI.


BGI Japan, leveraging BGI’s world largest sequencing platform and strong bioinformatics analysis ability, provides next generation sequencing services which include the Hi-seq and bioinformatics analysis across genomics, transcriptomics and epigenetics for research institutes, medical institutes, researchers and so on to help with the clients’ scientific research. BGI Japan also provides test for reproductive health, blood diseases, genetic diseases, pathogenic microorganisms detection etc, and give guidance for Japanese people on health at genomic aspect.



Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)

Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine 

Osaka University                                                        Tokai University

Ochanomizu University                                             The University of Tokyo

The Jikei University School of Medicine                Tohoku University

Kyushu University                                                      Toyama Prefectural University

Kyoto University                                                          Nagasaki University

Kyorin University                                                         Nagoya City University

Gunma University                                                       Nagoya University

Keio University                                                            Niigata University

Saitama University                                                     Nihon University

Saga University                                                           Hiroshima University

Shimane University                                                    University of Tsukuba

Shinshu University                                                     Hokkaido University

The Graduate University for Advanced Studies    Meiji University

Chiba University                                                         Yamaguchi University

Chuo University                                                          University of the Ryukyus

National Defense Medical College

Research Institutes

Research Institute, Osaka Medical Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases

National Institute of Genetics

Chiba Cancer Center Research Institute

National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS)

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

Fisheries Research Agency (FRA)

National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO)

Radiation Effects Research Foundation RERF

RIKEN Plant Science Center

RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology

Due to BGI's growing presence and influence in the world, BGI Australia was established on the 16th of August 2016 to support its growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Its office is located at the prestigious QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Herston, Brisbane. Being the world's largest genomic organisation with leading sequencing platform and superb bioinformatics analysis capability, BGI Australia is devoted to facilitating cutting-edge research in the areas of healthcare, agriculture and environment.

BGI Australia has established collaborations with leading research institutions such as QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, CSIRO, the University of Queensland, Griffith University and James Cook University to carry out scientific research and innovative projects in relation to human medicine, health science, sports science, marine science, biodiversity, agriculture and aquaculture. BGI Australia has been undergoing strategic discussions with universities and various organisations regarding future opportunities and partnerships. BGI Australia will continuously pursue collaborative opportunities throughout Queensland and Australia to pursue scientific excellence.

BGI Australia
Tel: +61 733620475

Email: bgi-australia@genomics.cn

Website: www.bgi-australia.com.au

Add.: L6, CBCRC Building, 300 Herston Road, QLD 4006, Australia