The GS FLX+ System features the unique combination of long reads, exceptional accuracy and high-throughput, making the system well suited for larger genomic projects. The GS FLX System has been at the heart of key breakthrough genomic discoveries and over 1,000 peer-reviewed publications to date.

Advancements in sequencing chemistry, instrumentation and software offer the latest improvements in GS FLX System performance, with read lengths up to 1 kb.

High-throughput sequencing for a wide range of applications:

Whole Genome Sequencing: De novo sequencing of large, complex organisms or multiple bacterial genomes in a single run

Transcriptome Sequencing: Full-length de novo sequencing and assembly of complex organisms

Amplicon Sequencing: High-throughput sequencing of 100s to 1,000s of samples and loci

Metagenomics: Characterization of complex environmental samples; pathogen discovery