BGI has the largest number of Sanger sequencing service division in China, providing high quality results at a high speed; With 18 Applied Biosystems 3730XL DNA analyzer located worldwide, our through output can be 500 thousand reactions per month, which is increasing with the expanding steps of BGI. The analyzer can provide high quality read lengths of up to 1100 QV20 bases, and the reliability of every single base it produces is extremely high. As the application of the analyzer is extensive and flexible, fragment analysis services such as SNP, SSR, STR can also provided besides normal DNA analysis.

We have production centers of excellence and customer service in all major regions of the world supporting our global customers’ needs.

China:beijing, Qingdao, wuhan, shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen.

International:Kongeriget Danmark , Czeh(Arrangement).

Small genome sequencing shotgun library construction & sequencing.

Figure 1, ABI 3730XL DNA Analyzer

Figure 2, Sequence principle of ABI3730XL

Information of DNA Analyzer

1. Dual beam laser excitation both sides, the rear grating devices and detection of ultra-thin CCD imaging system

2. Totally automated during sequencing, 24 hours nonstop;

3. 96 samples per run , daily output more than 1152 samples;

4. Using latest POP7 fluid gel, dynamic capillary inner wall coating, produce high quality read lengths of up to 1100 QV20 bases;

5. Electrophoresis temperature range 18-70, high temperature help to reduce the impact of secondary structure;

6. New base identification and quality score software to improve sequencing accuracy;

7. High sensitivity of detection of DNA in the concentration range. Ultra-low cost sequencing platforms.   

Services & Products

Molecular Biology Services

Single-molecule sequencing;

Shotgun Library Construction & Sequencing;

Fosmid Library Construction/BAC & Fosmid terminal sequencing;

Full-length cDNA Library Construction/Normalized cDNA Libra ry Construction /Yeast Two-Hybrid Library Construction;

PCR Re-sequencing/SNP Genotyping /SSR detection/Walking sequencing;

TA cloning/Vector Construction; 

Species identification(Bacteria or Fungi)/DNA Barcoding; 

Mitochondrial/chloroplast/plasmid/phage Sequencing;

DNA/RNA virus Sequencing;

DNA/RNA extraction from the source or tissue type;

Fluorescent dye-terminator sequencing performed on 3730XL sequencers. 


Technical Characteristics

BGI has established a quality management system and has passed ISO 9001 system certification of quality management;

BGI has bioinformatic teams could provide customized bioinformatics analysis services to solve any problems from customers.


Workflow of the shotgun Library Construction and Sequencing

Main Applications

Shotgun library construction has the following applications, virus, phage, plasmid, chloroplast, mitochondrial, BAC/Fosmid clone sequencing;

Sequences reliable.It can remove the influence of secondary structure and sequence the genome sequence of unknown or little known, then high throughput sequencing technology can’t settle.  

Full-length cDNA Library Construction and EST Sequences

 Technical Characteristics

Utilizing Clontech’s SMART technology BGI’s provides our clients with high-quality, truly full-length libraries;

Normaliztion decreases the prevalence of high abundance transcripts and equalizes transcript concentrations, increasing the efficiency of large-scale sequencing and rare gene screening;

Using different vector with Yeast Two-Hybrid Library Construction. 


Flow chart of the cDNA Library Construction

Main Applications

New gene cloning; 

Analysis of gene expression profiles; 

Revealing SSR markers from an EST database; 

Exploring key genes related to disease prevention and development function; 

Performing transgenic function research to change a creature’s characters;

Protection of endangered treasure biological resources, establishment of gene library of the creature;

An EST can be used as probes to construct the molecular marked linkage map. 

PCR Re-sequencing

Technical Characteristic

Accurate sequencing results , the “gold standard” for re-sequencing;

Widely used in SNP detection, virus re-sequencing and other aspects;

Not only can detect known mutation gene locus, but also the unknown locus;

Flexible experimental design and can be designed for small samples;

The Flowchart of PCR Re-sequencing

Main applications

Monogenic inherited diseases: pathogenic genetic research and genetic diagnosis;

Complex diseases: diseases-associated genes research and drug susceptibility analysis;

Correlation analysis between mutations, deletions, insertions, and other changes in the nucleic acid level and phenotype .   

Fosmid Library Production

The Insert DNA is in the 33-45k size range, able to accommodate most of the genes for genetic screening;

Fosmid vectors are maintained as single copy in the host bacteria to ensure stability and not easy to recombinate;

The clones can be induced to high copy number and will be conducive to downstream applications.                    

The Flowchart of Fosmid Library production


Whole genome physical map construction;

Gene function ,gene expression and regulation research;

Positional cloning of genes associated with important traits ;

Gene structure and function analysis.

BGI oligo and gene synthesis platform provides custom modified DNA oligo and gene synthesis services. We have the world's leading 192-type high-throughput synthesis instrument and the ABI's low-throughput synthesizer, to meet a large number of general oligos and Modifications and Labeling synthesis requires. Now, Currently we can synthesize more than 1,000 oligos, synthesis of up to 100,000 daily bases. Gene Synthesis Service is based BGI's own high-quality primer, combined with extensive practical experience in experimental and service team that can help you to quickly and accurately complete routine and special structural gene gene synthesis.

Production Sites

We are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou production base can conveniently serve you synthetic products to ensure rapid delivery.

Figure 1  Oligo Synthesizer

Figure 2  Principle of custom Oligo Synthesis

Receiving ordersà Import Information SystemàSynthesisàPurification

àQuantitative detectionàAliquotà Drying and packagingà Delivery

Figure 3  Procedure of Oligo Synthesis

DNA sequences analysisàAmplificationàScreeningàCloningàDNA sequencingàlyophilized plasmid

Figure 4  Procedure of Gene Synthesis

Tyep of Service

Different purity and Synthesis Scales of ordinary 5-60mer custom DNA primer synthesis

0-90mer long oligos synthesis

Comprehensive Modifications and Labeling

Gene Synthesis (20bp-10Kbp)

Gene optimization (for free)

Subcloning and Mutagenesis service

Techinical Features

Rigorous laboratory management system that will minimize the risk of human error;

Synthesis process done automatically by the instrument, the use of high-quality ammonia deprotection, reduce outside interference, to ensure the purity synthetic;

Source material quality, combined with strict process control and detection by MASS and HPLC to ensure the synthetic effect;

Gene synthesis products will be double verified by sequencing and restriction digestion, to ensure that every one gene sequences with 100% accuracy.

Rapid and timely delivery. Synthetic fastest ship within 24 hours, the gene 5 days delivery.

As your trusted partner to our customers property strict secrecy.

Main applications

Our oligo DNA is widely used in PCR, RT-PCR, SSR, gene synthesis, mutations, and most molecular biology experiments;

gene synthesis is used to obtain a variety of interest to you and not easily obtained using conventional methods such as genes and novel genes.