A Whole Genome Map (WGM) is a high-resolution, ordered, restriction map that spans the genome. Resembling a barcode, the Whole Genome Map is unique to the organism and provides a complete, structural view of the genome that reveals its architecture in a single, easy-to-interpret image.

Whole Genome Maps are generated from single DNA molecules, so they are de novo, independent of sequence information, and do not require amplification or PCR steps. Intact single molecule DNA (250kb-2.5Mbp) is collected and analyzed to create a high definition map of the genome. Important positional changes are evident that sequencing alone cannot detect. 

Thousands of single molecule restriction map reads are assembled to create the Whole Genome Map. Using OpGen’s MapSolver™ software, the technology enables detection and correction of assembly errors for higher accuracy sequence assembly.


Raw Data per mapcard


Run time per mapcard

Data quality standard






Avg. DNA size>150kb(bacterial)/ 250kb(fungi)/ 280kb(animal&plant)

RemarkFor fungi, animal and plant project, HD MapCard kit will be used to produce raw data because of high quality data standard. The parameter of raw data and run time per mapcard is from HD MapCard kit, 4 HD mapcards could be finished in one day.

Technical feature

1. High DNA molecule standard: single molecule DNA longer than 150kb is collected and analyzed to create a high definition map, especially for complex genome region.

2. Whole chromosome restriction map could help to ideally position and correct physical map.




1. Whole genome mapping

2. Comparative genomics

3. Strain typing

4. Physical map position and correction

5. Structural variation analysis