MS platform is based on high-throughput mass spectrometry technology for industrial-scale proteomics, metabolomics research and target molecule detection, has passed OHSAS18001, ISO14001, ISO9001 quality management system certification.

Right now, we have a large research area about 2000 square metersEquipped with mass spectrometry instruments,including : Q Exactive, LTQ Orbitrap Velos™, QTRAP®4500,QTRAP® 5500, Triple TOF 5600,ultraflextreme,microflex , MassarrayandXevo TQDXevoTQ-S, which are the best instruments in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of proteomics.

MS platform mainly focus on proteomics and metabolomics full spectrum analysis, quantitative analysis, protein modification analysis and target proteins, peptides, and a variety of small molecule detection, combined with the database of genome and transcriptome we already have, the throughout research of the genome, transcriptome and proteome can be accomplished in BGI, we have been succeed in many research and industrial projects,such as human chromosome proteomics plan (c-HPP),   Inborn errors of metabolism (IEM)genetic screening for hearing impairment,We are looking forward for cooperation in science and investment from all over the word.


In the beginning, the emphasis of proteomics research in our country  is mainly on how to establish technology platform and how to carry out technological research.

 With the continuous development of  techniques based on high-throughput proteomics research, proteomics gradually becomes a hot topic in the  major disease problems of health and important life sciences issues.


Genomics MS platform will lever the Internet and some of industrialization, large-scale research model, fully use of the existing high-throughput sequencing platform with mass spectrometry analysis platform, work hard from the genome, transcriptome to proteome, metabolome related sexual exploration. In a number of recent projects, high-throughput, quantitative data on the sea has been gradually brought us over the past few decades there has never been a historic opportunities and challenges. We will give full play to the advantages of mass spectrometry platform, in medicine, the environment, agriculture, especially in the field of systems biology to human health related diseases breakthrough. For subsequent industrialization,it can provide adequate theoretical basis and direction, use scientific discoveries to promote industrial development.

Team Introduction

MS platforms has fixed 25 staff, including 4 doctors, 5 masters, 16 undergraduates ,which Average age of 27 years, including long been engaged in proteomics research in domestic or  foreign Laboratory.

MS platforms adhere to the principle of combination with introduction and training, focusing on training,  while the ongoing technological  and management system innovation access to independent intellectual property rights, and promote industrial development, Build up a team with high quality and high level.