February 2007
BGI Diagnosis Division was established;
August 2007  
BGI moved to Shenzhen and the former BGI Diagnosis Division was merged into Shenzhen Genome and Medical Center;
October 2007
Shenzhen BGI Clinical Laboratory Center was awarded with (for-profit) medical institutions practicing license;
January 2008 
Gene Diagnosis Division was reestablished on the basis of Shenzhen Genome and Medical Center;
January 2012
Medical Laboratory of Tianjin BGI Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded with medical institutions practicing license;
February 2012
Wuhan BGI Medical Laboratory was awarded with medical institutions practicing license;
March 2012            
Clinical examination center and fetal & reproductive Diagnosis center were  merged into Shenzhen BGI Diagnosis Technology Co., Ltd.;
August 2012
Opening ceremony for BGI's first clinical center - Shenzhen BGI Unicare Clinic was held in Dameisha;
December 2012
Shanghai BGI was awarded with medical institutions practicing license after getting pre-approval for medical laboratory;
March 2014     BGI Diagnosis offically changed the name from BGI Health.