Located in Dameisha--the beautiful coast, Shenzhen BGI Unicare Clinic is the first demonstrative and innovative clinic in South China that can apply the latest results and advanced technologies of genomics to public health services.

It is mainly engaged in genetic detection, genetic counseling as well as gynaecological and paediatric services. With genetic detection at an internationally advanced level and genetic counseling services, it can meet customer needs of solving health problems from the point of genes.

Service items

Gynecologic series

Carry out preventive treatment of cervical disease, treatment of infertility as well as diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-- occurring gynaecological diseases, and provide genetic testing services on cervical cancer, hereditary breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other diseases in particular. 

Pediatric series

Carry out diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring pediatric diseases, and provide genetic detection services on neonatal hearing loss, neonatal inherited metabolic disease, child autism and other difficult pediatric diseases in particular.