This 10k international rice core germplasms resequencing and whole genome molecular design breeding project, funded by the Gates foundation and launched by BGI, IRRI and CAAS, is a part of super green rice project.

Global representative rice core germplasms were introduced from IRRI. Through large scale resequencing and bioinformatic analysis, core collection construction and phenotyping analysis, important traits related gene or QTL mapping, rice genotype and phenotype database construction, we will provide the most comprehensive solution for global rice breeding. Furthermore, rice whole genome molecular breeding system will be developed with these genome information.

Cluster analysis of first 3,000 rice core germplasms
                 Rice grown in field
IRRI board members visit rice breeding base

Collaborating with Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhangjiakou city, we initiated millet genome de novo sequencing project and the phase findings were published in Nature Biotechnology on 14 May, 2012.(Gengyun Zhang, Xin Liu, Zhiwu Quan et al. Genome sequence of foxtail millet (Setaria italica) provides insights into grass evolution and biofuel potential. Nature Biotechnology. doi:10.1038/nbt.2195)


Foxtail millet whole genome sequence map


High density genetic linkage map construction and important traits related gene mapping in foxtail millet

(Genes related to herbicide resistant, plant height, sterility, heading stage and leaf color had been fine mapped or cloned)

Mudskippers, commonly known as "jumping fish", stand out as one of the largest groups that volitionally emerge from water and spend a significant portion of time on mudflat surface. As typically amphibious fish, mudskippers have a unique half-terrestrial habit, providing useful insights into our understanding of the adaptive evolution of vertebrate from aquatic ecosystem to terrestrial environment. We form cooperation with Xiamen University on mudskippers genome sequencing, gene function development and artificial breeding.


Zhongshan University and BGI-Shenzhenestablished collaboration on grouper genomics and molecular breeding. The whole genome sequencing and high density genetic linkage map of grouper have been completed. Study on molecular regulation mechanism of sex differentiation and reproductive endocrine, and important traits related gene mapping in groupers are ongoing. 


High density genetic linkage map of grouper