BGI Ark Biotechnology Co., LTD. Shenzhen (BAB), affiliated to BGI, is a high-tech enterprise, mainly focusing on mass production of transgenic and cloned animals. 

In addition to an experienced and specialized team, based on the handmade cloning technology, cloning technique department, animal model department and transgenic R & D department also have been established. And we have an area of more than 33 acres of animal farm, and several strains of experimental pigs. After 3 years' development, we have founded cloning and transgenic pig and sheep technology platform, transgenic mouse technology platform and molecular biology technology platform. 
Compared with the traditional cloning, the handmade cloning has the following benefits: low equipment costs, a simple and rapid procedure and a higher efficiency. These benefits are suitable for being applicated in industrialized production and valuable for doing large scale researches in medical and agricultural sciences. 

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