BGI Research, which completed registrations in April 2007, is an institution dedicated to public research. BGI Research has always been adhering to the BGI academic tradition and research spirit, engaged in public research and exploration of great scientific and industrial impact. Meanwhile, BGI Research has established the world's leading platforms of large-scale sequencing, proteomics, bioinformatics, cloning, health, agriculture and large supercomputing centers. A world-class research team is built up to carry out a series of important genomic research on this platform. Its papers have been published on top international academic journals, such as Nature and Science, etc.


1) To develop the high-throughput, low-cost trans-omics platform, including omics technology and core bioinformatics tools, to support the applications of BGI Diagnosis, BGI Agriculture etc.

2)Design and initiate big science projects, to achieve scientific breakthroughs, and assist in the setting up of industrial standard.


To achieve major scientific breakthroughs in fundamental research and lead technology development, to be the driving force of BGI’s application growth, and keep the leading position in the community.   

Team Introduction

Since its inception, BGI Research has established ooperative relationships and share resources with many  medical research institutions and researchers all over the world, achieved breakthroughs in the field of human health. BGI Research has been successes in building a new batch of outstanding young team leader with focuses on personnel training, through exercise in large scientific projects and industrial development process. In addition, through a unique educational training system (such as the innovative 2 +2 + X model and full-time students in "BGI college"), BGI Research is able to select out the personnel which could adapt to different science, technology, industry development objectives with open mind, the pursuit of innovation, efficient management. By training the talent with task, every member of the team can give full play of their initiative, to develop their independent thinking and problem-solving skills, and achieve scientific research results.


Since its inception, BGI Research has established partnership with a number of research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, domestic and foreign prestigious universities to jointly carry out research in the field of biotechnology projects, promoting the development of biotechnology and scientific research.