GigaScience is a new open-access open-data journal for the publication of all types of biological studies that use or create large-scale data sets. With the goal of revolutionizing data accessibility, dissemination, organization, and use, GigaScience has a unique format that integrates article publication with our data-hosting and cloud-computing resources. As a part of our data-hosting services, we also have the ability to give important associated datasets Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), making them easier to access, track and cite. Our scope covers data-driven research from the entire spectrum of life and biomedical sciences – not just ’omic’ type data and the fields of high-throughput biology currently serviced by large public repositories, but also the growing range of more difficult-to-access data, such as imaging, neuroscience, ecology, cohort data, systems biology and other new types of large-scale sharable data.

GigaScience aims to increase transparency and reproducibility of research, and emphasizes data quality and utility over subjective assessments of immediate impact.

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