As the current education model falls behind the need for professionals in the field of life science research, BGI College is dedicated to set up a new and innovative education model while integrating the expertise and resources of BGI and other institutions, and to educate professionals in the field of life science, academically and industrially, home and abroad. The concept is to build a project-oriented discipline and professional system, to educate and train students through hands-on practice and real research projects.
BGI College was founded in October 2011 and has formed collaboration with over 10 key universities of China such as Wuhan University, Southeast University and South University of Science of Technology of China for joint undergraduate and graduate programs, following a model of 2.5+1.5+X or 3+1+X. Meanwhile, BGI College has also set up joint graduate programs with known universities such as Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, University of California Davis and etc.
BGI College positions itself as a world-class college with a focus on research, and provides degree education, non-certificate education and public education. BGI College plans to reach a student scale of 800 to 1000 and an annual trainee number of 3000 to 5000 for the next 3 to 5 years.


Innovate education model; Build talents standards; To be a pioneering institution integrated with academic education, professional training and certification granting.


Build cross-sector platform and innovative education system, provide high quality education resources, and cultivate talents in bioscience and bioindustry.


Built on the foundation of BGI’s innovative model of educating talents and well-structured systems, BGI College aims to become a world-class cross sector research institute and to educate outstanding innovative talents in the field of life science.


nnovative research comes from hands-on projects rather than lecturing. So what BGI provides is the greatest environment to young researchers with its big raw data and huge numbers of research projects. Through the concept of project-oriented discipline, industry and professionals, students gain their knowledge through means of Learning by Doing.