Adhering to BGI’s ever striving spirit and its goal to educate innovative talents and promote development of biotechnology, BGI College is on the path of becoming a world-class trans-sector research institute.

Advanced Technology Platform

NGS Platform Proteomics Platform
Gene Operation Platform CytologyPlatform
      Animal Cloning Platform                                                         IT Platform


Excellent Research Capability

BGI processes rich research and executive experience in big projects, large-scale international collaborating projects, various national science foundation projects, internal or collaborative research projects. Apart from that, BGI also has world-leading data output, Top 1 genomic data output and top high-preformance analysing capacity.

Exceptional Teaching Crew

BGI College now has a teaching team formed by 48 expects (including part-time teachers), 9 of them are hired as part-time postgraduate supervisors (5 for doctoral and 4 for master students) by BGI Education Center, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.  

Besides, the college has also recruited some world-known international expects to come to BGI for short-period teaching activities so as the students can get a grip of the most updated information and technology of the field.

Outstanding Innovative Talents 

Within this innovative education scheme of BGI, students are able to take advantage of the data analysis platform and many important research resources to quickly develop their research ability through real project practice.

Efficient E-learning Platform

BGI College provides a comfortable environment for students to learn and work during their stay at BGI. Facilities such as gym, basketball court and self-service library are provides as well as dormitories.

Convenient Living Facilities

BGI College provides a comfortable environment for students to learn and work during their stay at BGI. Facilities such as gym, basketball court and self-service library are provides as well as dormitories.

classrooms dormitory

gym self-service library

basketball court canteen