In 2009

January 2009
establishment of BGI Plant platform
September 2009
BGI-Microbial Platform was founded
October 2009
generation of the first genetically modified plants
December 2009
State Key Laboratory of Agriculture Genomics founded.

In 2010

July 2010
First hand-made cloned pig in BAB was born
September 2010
Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Energy Biotransformation and Microbial Gene Technology was founded.
November 2010
Cloned transgenic pigs rich in omega-3 fatty acids were born 

In 2011

June 2011
Establishment of State Breeding Animal Genome Engineering Laboratory
June 2011
Establishment of Crop molecular design breeding engineering laboratory, Shenzhenas
July 2011
Establishment of State key laboratory of agricultural genomics October 2011Establishment of Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Environmental Microbial Genomics and Utilization  November 2011 Establishment of Shenzhen institute of breeding and innovation, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, SIBI-CAAS
November 2011
Establishment of crop core resources development and application key laboratory, Guangdong
November 2011
Initiate key scientific research project with CAAS and IRRI
December 2011
Establishment of State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Genomics

In 2012

April 24, 2012
BGI and semiarid tropical crops research institute officially signed a cooperation memorandum,.