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Researcher in Bioinformatics

Business Unit: BGI Research

Location: Shenzhen, China

Job Summary

BGI is seeking a Bioinformatics Researcher with hands-on experience in bioinformatics analysis. The researcher will be responsible for the development and implementation of various research projects. The analyst will also need to carry out efficient and reliable informatics analysis for articles and publications.

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Perform informatics analysis for high-throughput sequencing genome databases, and conduct algorithm research and data mining.

-          Evaluate and apply existing analysis tools and procedures.

-          Investigate, develop, and optimize new methods, processes and software packages for bioinformatics analysis.


-          B.S. in Biology, Computer Science, Physics or related fields.

-          Solid scripting skills (Perl/Python/Shell) in Linux environment

-          Previous software development experience is desired.

-          Experience in bioinformatics analysis is preferred.

Senior Researcher

Business Unit: BGI Research

Location: Shenzhen, China

Job Summary

BGI is seeking a Senior Researcher with a PhD degree with hands-on experience in the areas of tumors, metagenomics, agriculture and evolution. The qualified researcher should have a comprehensive understanding of the fields and insight into the latest research directions. The researcher will also assist and create articles forproject collaborations.

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Conduct research in genomics, pharmacology and pathology.

-          Engage in developing core technology and in advancing science in tumors, metagenomics, agriculture and evolution.

-          Ability to identify key issues and mobilize different resources to solve critical technical problems.

-          For assigned projects, taking control and have the understanding of requirements, monitoring the  progression, and achieving the projects objectives with high efficiency and quality.

-          Coordinate and manage laboratory processes and draft technical project documents.

-          Participate and monitor laboratory researches.


-          PhD in Biogenetics, Genomics, Medicine, Clinical Medicine or Agriculture.

-          3+ years of research experience in tumors, metagenomics, agriculture or evolution preferred.

-          Proficient with experimental design in bioinformatics, molecular biology and cell biology.

-          Demonstrated good reasoning skills and communication to scientific and business inquiries.

-          Strong learning agility and problem solving skills.

-          Able to design and implement experimental programs independently.

Senior Software Engineer

Business Unit: BGI Research

Location: Shenzhen, China

Job Summary

BGI is seeking a Senior Software Engineer with experience in software development of biomedical instruments or related areas. The engineer must have a strong interest in software development and optimization, coding and image algorithm processing. The engineer  is required to lead a team of technicians to complete the software deliverables for the equipment, working close with the hardware development team.

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Design user interface software for biomedical instruments.

-          Participate in core module development in architectural design, coding, and quality assurance.

-          Engage in software development for medical devices following industry standards.

-          Improve the software function of existing products and enhance their operational performances.


-          M.S. in Computer Science, Bioengineering, Electronic Engineering or related areas.

-          3+ years of experience in software development preferred.

-          Previous experience with modeling and programing of GUI and UX.

-          Skilled in at least one of following languages: C, C++ or JAVA.

-          Familiar with the software development process and software management methods.

-          Strong analytical, organization, and communication skills.

-          Possess a strong team spirt and being able to learn and adapt quickly within the working environment.

Researcher in Biostatistics

Business Unit: BGI Research

Location: Shenzhen, China

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Participate in major bioinformatics and biostatistics projects.

-          Propose solutions and provide bioinformatics analysis and statistical tools for genomics research.

-          Responsible for internal training of biostatisticians.


-          M.S. or PhD in Statistics or related area.

-          2 years of experience in biostatistics preferred.

-          Proficient in at least one of the following programing languages: C/C++/Perl/Python.

-          Familiar with latest biostatistics software and drawing applications.

-          Have articles published in scientific journals is a plus.

Senior Researcher in Metabolomics

Business Unit: BGI Research

Location: Shenzhen, China

Duties and Responsibilities

-          To guide and help expand the metabolomics research team and coordinating resources.

-          Enhance and develop extensive amounts of spectrometry methods.

-          Establish and create metabolomics information platforms.


-          PhD in Chemistry, Biology or related areas.

-          3+ years of experience in conducting metabolomics research through Liquid Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) preferred.

Specialist in Enzyme Management

Business Unit: BGI Tech

Location: Shenzhen, China

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Construct and optimize enzymatic methods.

-          Lead teams to design, test and optimize the processes of enzyme research.

-          To be a mentor and give guidance to other team members from a different variety of biological disciplines.


-          PhD in Cell Biology, Biochemistry or Microbiology.

-          3+ years of industry experience working with enzymes preferred.

-          Previous experience of creating and managing a unit is desired.

Clinical Product Manager

Business Unit: BGI Diagnostics

Location: Shenzhen, China

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Understand products, marketing analysis and releasing products to market.

-          Participate in microbiology related products or diagnostic kit design and development.

-          Translate applicable research results for commercialization.


-          B.S. or related fields in Clinical Medicine with previous experience in biotechnology research and marketing.

-          2+ years of clinical experience

-          Excellent verbal and written communication skills being able to demonstratethe understanding for logical analysis.

Genetic Counselor

Business Unit: China National Gene Bank

Location: Shenzhen, China

Duties and Responsibilities

-          Provide medical interpretation and analysis of test results including written reports with prevention and intervention suggestions.

-          Participate in the construction and maintenance of related database.


-          M.S., M.D. or PhD in Genetics or related area.

-          2+ years of clinical experience or qualification certificate in genetic counseling preferred.


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