Mr. Xun Xu serves as Executive Director of BGI Research and leads the technology development in the area of molecular biology, information technology, assembly and evolution of plants and animals, plant and animal genetic polymorphism, animal and plant molecular breeding, and single cell sequencing platform. He has published 43 SCI papers in top international scientific journals such as "Nature" and "Science". He was first (co-)authors in 10 papers and corresponding authors in 5 papers. He participated in 8 research grant programs such as 973, 863, 948 (Ministry of Agriculture) projects. He was the youngest Senior Researcher in natural science and technology of Hubei Province in August, 2013. 

Dr. Snezana Drmanac serves as Senior Scientist and Senior Director of Research at BGI-Shenzhen. She is responsible for research and development of high-throughput sequencing biochemistry. Dr. Snezana Drmanac graduated from University of Belgrade and was on the faculty of University of Belgrade, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Argonne National Laboratory and other research institutions in genomics. She has published 21 papers related to the field of DNA diagnostics and personalized preventive medicine, 7 issued patents and 21 pending patents. For more than 20 years, Dr. Snezana Drmanac worked in the sequencing of the core technology research and development hybridization-based sequencing (SBH), LFR and other second generation sequencing technologies. Has made significant contributions in the fields of sequencing technology and product development.

As Director of Research at BGI-Shenzhen, Dr. Brock Peters leads a cross-functional team with Ph.D. level scientists and bioinformatics analysts, and experienced research scientists to develop innovative sequencing technologies. His research interests include producing high quality whole genome sequence data from a small number of cells, and developing methods to analyze such data. He also led team to develop automated library preparation process to reduce cost and improve repeatability. He has won many awards and honors, such as Scholarship Award from University of Washington and American Institute of Chemists Foundation Student Award. He has published more than 24 papers  in world’s top-tier journals,including 6 papers in Nature. 

Senior Scientist,Research Department in BGI-Shenzhen. He received his Ph.D degree in Biochemistry from National St. Petersburg University (Russia)in 1996. He is currently leading a team of molecular biologists at BGI with the goal of developing the single cell Omics and implementation of standard Omics procedures on BGI’s sequencers. He has published more than 18 papers in the world’s top journals.

Dr. Tang serves as Director of Bioinformatics at BGI-Shenzhen. He has 88 issued U.S. patents and 90 pending patents.  He has 410 patents listed in WIPO. Dr. Tang also published 25 papers in world’s top journals such as “Nature”, “Science” and “Proceedings of National Academy of Science”.  He discovered and named four important human gene families: TAFA family, IGFL family, PAQR family and R - spondin family. Currently he is managing a team of programmers, statisticians, biologists and mathematicians at BGI to work on cutting edge bioinformatics projects, such as genome assembly, mapping, base calling and imaging processing.

As Senior Scientist at BGI-Shenzhen, Dr. Chongjun Xu is responsible for the research and development of high-throughput sequencing biochemistry. He has published 21 research papers in the area of sequencing chemistry. He also has submitted 5 patent applications with 2 patents issued.

Dr. Yongwei Zhang currently serves as Deputy Director of BGI Research. He is responsible for the development sequencing instrument and related equipmen.  Dr. Yongwei Zhang received his Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University. He has strong technical background in software and hardware development, applied mathematics, optics, fluidics, electronics, mechanical engineering and materials science processes. He is very experienced with complex systems engineering design and production. He has published 12 research papers in related fields and 3 issued US patents.

Dr. Handong Li is a world-renowned organic synthesis chemist. He is currently serving as Director of Chemistry at BGI-Shenzhen. Winner ofAmerican Cardiovascular Society Outstanding Scholar Award, he successfully developed a zero-noise interface chemistry technology to solve a key problem in single-molecule sequencing. He served as Intel’s IC biological laboratory chemistry group leader and Senior Scientist in the research area of proteomics and gene sequencing third-generation technology platform. He has 74 issued inventions (US and international patents) in the field of molecular biology, chemistry, sequencing technology. He also has published 18 papers in top journals.