BGI-North China covers Province of Hebei, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, and regions like Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, South Korea.
.BGI-North has established in-depth cooperation with many institute and companies on genome sequencing technical service, clinical diagnosis, judicature evidence identity and so on. BGI-North also provides the clinical research reagents and clinical diagnostic reagents. It has been the main force of BGI in China.

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In 1999
July 14, 1999 BGI was founded with the mission of 1% of the human genome for the International Human Genome Project. Later, BGI was renamed BGI co., LTD.
Sept 9, 1999 At 9:9:9 the inaugural meeting of BGI was held on the third floor of the sixth Building, B Block in Beijing Airport Industrial Zone. September 9 was authorized as the Anniversary Celebration Day of BGI.
Nov 10, 1999 1% project was included in the national project, initiated by BGI and collaboration with national genome center of north and south.
In 2000
May 31, 2000 Lu Yongxiang, president of CAS, inspected BGI and gave high praise.
Jun 26, 2000 16 centers of the International Human Genome Project jointly announced the first working frame map of the human genome had been finished.
In 2001
Apr 30, 2001 Li Lanqing, Vice Premier, accompanied by Xu Guanhua and Lu Yongxiang, inspected the BGI.
In 2002
Nov 11, 2002 Center of Forensic Sciences BGI was founded.
In 2003
Apr, 2003 Beijing BGI-GBI Biotech Co., Ltd was founded.
Apr, 2003 BGI protein research center Co. Ltd was founded.
In 2011
Mar 9, 2011 Beijing BGI Unicare Technology Co., Ltd was officially founded in Beijing.
Apr 29, 2011 BGI-Tianjin was officially settled in Tianjin Airport Economic Zone, and signed a cooperation framework agreement.
Sep 1, 2011 BGI-Tianjin was officially opened in Tianjin and hold opening ceremony.
Oct 10, 2011 BGI-Tianjin got the Approval Certificate for the Establishment of Medical Institution.
Dec 20, 2011 The maternal and child health care hospital of Tianjin and BGI-Tianjin held a kick-off meeting of newborn bearing gene screen in Tianjin.
In 2012
Jan 4, 2012 The maternal and child health care hospital of Tianjin and BGI-Tianjin startup The Noninvasive prenatal genetic testing project.
Jan 17, 2012 BGI-Tianjin Med Lab got “Practice License of Medical Institution”.
Apr 25, 2012 The PCR Lab of BGI-Tianjin Med Lab was checked and accepted by the experts.
Mar 25, 2012 BGI launched a joint bioinformatics & computing laboratory with National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin (NSCC-TJ) to promote the interdisciplinary cooperation in the fields of supercomputing and biological science as well as to boost the rapid development of OMICS-related industries.
Oct 25, 2012 The health department of Liaoning province agreed the application of set up BIG-Benxi Med Lab.
In 2013
Mar 29, 2013 Hosted by maternal and child health care hospital of Tianjin and co-organized by BGI-Tianjin, the Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IED) detection project officially launched in Tianjin.
May 16, 2013 BGI-Beijing Med Lab was passed site acceptance of Practice License of Medical Institution.

Industrial Arrangement
BGI-North has established a series of technology platforms including Sanger Sequencing Platform, High-throughput Sequencing Platform, Synthesis Platform, Clinical Diagnostics Platform, Proteomics Platform.
The Sanger Sequencing Platform
In BGI North Region, “Promotion comes from tasks” is the guide line of the Sanger sequencing platforms. Since BGI’s foundation, this platform has undertook and completed many top-level sequencing projects, including 1% of the Human Genome Project, the International HapMap Project, the draft sequence of the rice genome and the First Asian Genome Map. BGI-North gathered wider experience on sequencing and bioinformatics analysiss.
The current platform has more than 10 Sanger sequencers, most of which are AB 3730xl. For making better use of the laboratory, the platform explores its own management system and obtains the international certification of ISO9001:2008. Its advanced laboratory management and high quality service provide forceful guarantee for the Sanger sequencing platform in maintaining its competitiveness.
High-throughput Sequencing Platform
The high-throughput sequencing platform has already established the standardized high-throughput laboratory with many high-throughput sequencers like Illumina Hiseq 2000. Now, the platform can carry out a variety of sequencing services, including DNA sequencing, RNA sequencing, small-RNA sequencing, transcriptase sequencing, digital gene expression tag profiling (DGE), ChIP-Seq, DNA methylation checking, target region capture sequencing and metagenomic sequencing.
Taking full advantages BGI's talents and technology, the platform will optimize and improve the existing high-throughput sequencing platform to meet the growing market demands. At the same time, the platform will keep up with the latest international progress to expand the application of sequencing technology in scientific research and practice.
Synthesis Technology Platform
The synthesis technology platformis equipped with 192-synthesizers, which could synthesize hundreds of thousands of bases per day and provide various sequencing and synthesis services. The platform has already established a strict quality control system and efficient deliver channel, which would make synthesized service more timely provided in high quality.
Clinical Diagnostics Platform
In March 2011, BGI Unicare Technology Co, ltd was built in Beijing, which was the first to explore non-invasive prenatal screening service for detecting fetal aneuploidy diseases. Currently, BGI Unicare has established stable corporations with many famous medical institutions in China, and it also succeed in taking the non-invasive prenatal screening technology into application with the advantages of non-invasive, safe,  and accurate.

Go to the Clinic -- BGI-Healthcare is taking the action

With the development of Med Lab of BGI-Tianjin, BGI-Beijing and BGI-Benxi, BGI North Region started to build an overall new platform for clinical testing and medical diagnostic center. Now, the platform can provide many health-associated service and screening and diagnosis of some genetic diseases, including HLA high resolution typing, HPV Genotyping, drug-resistant genes' screening of HBV, drug-targets instruction in cancer individual cure, analysis of thalassemia's genotype, non-invasive prenatal genetic testing of fetal chromosomal aneuploidy (especially for Down syndrome), screening of the deafness gene in new-born, testing of the genetic metabolize disease in new-born and the test of genetic breast cancer.
Protein Technology Platform
Based on dimensional electrophoresis and mass spectrum identification, BGI Protein Technology Platform developed multiple tag McAb and clinical IHC diagnosis McAb and molecular biology tool enzymes like reverse transcriptase. At the same time, the world's largest rice antibody database and the preparation for thousands of antibody have been completed.
In the process of development, BGI protein R&D center has gradually improved the SOP, as well as developed and expanded the new database system. In 2010, BGI protein has successfully passed annual review of the ISO quality management system and approved in the certification of high technology enterprise.
The Proteomics Platform
Based on the experience of dimensional electrophoresis and mass spectrum identification, the proteomics platform provides Itraq quantified service. Since it was built, various types of research has been accomplished with its help, such as the research on monoclonal antibody of tag or clinical IHC diagnostics, tool-enzyme in molecular biology, like reverse transcriptase. Additionally, the platform has built the global largest antibody database of rice which has produced more than 1000 antibodies. Their work on technology transform and patent application has also got breakout recently.
The protein research center of BGI-Beijing Co. Ltd developed and optimized SOP to achieve the company's goals. They also built and complemented new database system independently, which could fulfill the data communication and storage requirements inside of the company. In 2010, they passed the annual verification of ISO quality management system was passed and the national high-tech enterprise certification was obtained.
Diagnostic kit Research and Industrialization
BGI-GBI has built five core technology platforms, which has more than forty mature products approved by SFDA. In 2001, 2005, 2010, GBI completed the national GMP certification,  and got the national IVD certification and ISO9001 certification
BGI-GBI’s diagnostic products include ELISA, nucleic acid diagnostics, Array-ELISA, chemiluminescence and colloidal gold, etc. Blood screening is the main enzyme products. TP has proprietary intellectual property rights. HBV and HCV have been widely used in blood screening and clinical. AE mainly contains six tumor marker assay kits and autoimmune disease ENA antibody repertoire diagnostic kits.
Judicial material evidence
Center of Forensic Sciences is the first organization recognized as independent third-party judicial expertise. Now its services involved include: medico legal expertise (Parentage testing using DNA, other paternity testing, DNA establishing identity and DNA database), animal and plant life gene identification.

On Oct, 2011, women and children health care center in Tianjin and BGI-Tianjin signed the cooperation agreement of noninvasive prenatal genetic testing. By February, 2013, BGI had completed total 5000 noninvasive prenatal genetic testing.

On Oct 25, 2011, women and children health care center in Tianjin and BGI-Tianjin signed the cooperation agreement of deafness gene testing. By 2013 in February, had completed 75000 samples testing.

On Dec 20, 2011, the maternal and child health care hospital of Tianjin and BGI-Tianjin held a kick-off meeting of newborn bearing gene screen in Tianjin.

On Mar 25, 2012, BGI launched a joint bioinformatics & computing laboratory with National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin (NSCC-TJ) to promote the interdisciplinary cooperation in the fields of supercomputing and biological science as well as to boost the rapid development of OMICS-related industries.

On Apr 7, 2013hosted by the China Blind Person Association, BGI-Tianjin and Tianjin medical university eye hospital, large-scale public events, "national hundred cases of retinopathy (RP) gene detection", launched in Beijing.


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