BGI-Central China, headquartered in Wuhan Biolake, was founded on April 28th, 2010. As the main industry base of BGI, BGI-Central China maintains the great responsibility of launching BGI advanced technology and genome research findings for medical care and agricultural breeding. BGI-Central China has unique geographical advantages, covering Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan and Guizhou. As a high-tech industrial entity using cutting-edge technologies, BGI-Central China is determined to become the biggest genome research center and industry base in Midwest China.
At present, BGI-Central China has over 300 employees. Infrastructure construction, experiment platform construction and industrial construction are on track, and a large-scale sequencing platform is to be relocated from BGI-Shenzhen to BGI-Central China.
BGI-Central China has promoted genomic technology application in agricultural breeding, established a whole genome molecular breeding technology system for major food crops, economic crops, energy crops, livestock and aquatic species, collected excellent species resources and built up a genomic information database. Relying on BGI’s advanced sequencing technology, bioinformatics analysis technology and agricultural molecular breeding platform and by collaborating with universities, agricultural institutions, breeding enterprises and industry associations, BGI-Central China will enhance the selection of new variety in the central China region.
In the medical care industry, with BGI’s powerful global-leading biotechnology, BGI-Central China applies the latest genomic findings in medical treatment and public health. In order to provide a medical genetic testing service for the whole of the midwest region, BGI-Central China has established a professional medical laboratory, and collaborated with dozens of large-sized hospitals.

In 2010
Apr 28, 2010 BGI-Central China was born.
In 2012
Feb 14, 2012 BGI-Central China obtained Practice License of Medical Institution.
Jun 15, 2012  "Non-invasive Fetal Trisomy Test" was approved by Health Department of Hubei Province.
In 2013
April 22, 2013 BGI Yunnan was founded.

Health Service

Reproductive Health-related Testing: Based on the development trend of the genetic testing technology applied in productive health, BGI-Central China applies the ‘Human Genome Research’ knowledge in clinical diagnosis and provides detection programs for the whole life term.

Pathogen Related Genetic Testing

Hemopathy Related Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing for Individualized Chemotherapy

Agriculture Service

Germplasm Resources Data Bank/Backup Data Bank: BGI-Central China widely collects the agricultural germplasm resources, uses the advanced preservation technology and information management system to build up the agricultural genomic information database.

Genome-wide Molecular Breeding: BGI-Central China carries out the genomic research and molecular breeding on the major agricultural crops and livestocks, provided the scientific research service for universities and research organizations.

Breeding Demonstration Base: BGI-Central China extensively collaborates with the agricultural breeding organizations, in order to establish the molecular-breeding demonstration bases that fit the local climate and marketing features.

Health Care Industry

Southwest Hospital

The Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Hubei Province

Wuhan Maternal and Child Health Hospital

The First Affiliate Hospital of Zhengzhou University

The People’s Hospital in Henan Province

Reproductive and Genetic Hospital of CITIC-Xiangya

Chenzhou First People’s Hospital

The First People’s Hospital in Yunnan Province

Guiyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Jiujiang Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Ganzhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital

The People’s Hospital in Sichuan Province

The Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Sichuan Province

Chengdu Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Agriculture Industry

Xiangyang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Hubei Provincial Seed Group Co. Ltd

Hubei Hesheng Biological Breeding Research Institute

Wuhan Research Institute of Agricultural Sciences

Central China Agricultural University

Wuhan University

Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Institute of Hydroecology, the Ministry of Water Resources and Chinese Academy of Sciences


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