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BGI Europe and Genomed Sign Strategic Partnership to Introduce NIFT Test to Poland
Publish Date: 2014-06-10

June 10, 2014- BGI Europe and Genomed S.A., Poland’s leading molecular diagnostics company, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership in the field of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT).

As part of the agreement Genomed will become Poland’s leading service provider of BGI’s NIFTY™ test (Non-Invasive Fetal Trisomy test). NIFTY™ is a highly accurate non-invasive prenatal test that detects the risk of certain genetic conditions, such as Down syndrome, from as early as week 10 of pregnancy (

The partnership will push forward the development of personalized medical care in Poland introducing next generation sequencing technology to common prenatal practice and allowing Polish families access to the latest technology in the field of prenatal genetic diagnosis.

About Genomed

Genomed is committed to developing and adapting leading edge technology to application solutions for molecular diagnostic laboratories. Over 20 years experience in the fields of Clinical Genetics, DNA based Forensics and Food Safety testing has resulted in an extensive company knowledge base, putting Genomed at the forefront of these technologies.