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2022 BGI-Research Milestones

2022 was an extraordinary year for BGI-Research. Achievements were made in multiple areas including technology innovation, scientific discovery, and industrial applications of technology.

In 2022, BGI-Research’s proprietary Stereo-seq (SpaTial Enhanced REsolution Omics-sequencing) was further developed, becoming one of the world-leading spatial multi-omics technologies. Meanwhile, BGI-Research initiated the SpatioTemporal Omics Consortium (STOC), aiming at establishing a research community for global scientists to put efforts together in spatio-temporal omics studies.

In 2022, BGI-Research’s scientific research accomplishments led to 112 research papers published in the “CNNS” series (Cell, Nature, The New England Journal of Medicine, Science, and their sister journals). Among them, seven were published in Cell, Nature, and Science. BGI-Research continued to make efforts to digitize life on earth and has contributed to over 39% of the animal and plant genomes sequenced globally by the end of 2022.

In 2022, BGI-Research launched new research branches globally, advancing global cooperation in genomics, Single-cell omics, and Spatio-temporal omics projects with major universities and institutes all over the world.

We invite you to join us to review the milestones in 2022 for BGI-Research.

01 The accomplishments of Single-cell and Spatio-temporal omics research
02 The establishment of the “Three-piece model” in STOmics
03 The launch of a biosynthesis platform with fully self-owned intellectual property
04 Continuous innovation in the production of key raw materials
05 Breakthroughs in brain science research
06 Contributing to public health services with scientific research discoveries
07 Exploring the origin and evolution of species with animal and plant genomics
08 Breakthroughs in DNA data storage
09 Launch of new research branches globally
10 Global cooperation on genomics, Single-cell omics, and Spatio-temporal omics projects
Message for 2023

The "three arrows" of BGI-Research - genomics, single-cell omics, and Spatio-temporal omics - will definitely enable us to achieve greater breakthroughs in the frontline of multiple fields in science and technology. We expect that, through mega-science projects and global cooperation, we and our collaborators will get much closer to the answers to ultimate questions concerning the whole mankind.

-Xu Xun, Executive Director of BGI Group, Director of BGI-Research