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BGI Group Joins Saudi AgriFood Tech Alliance to Drive Agricultural Innovation in the Middle East

July 09, 2024 Views:

BGI Group proudly announced its participation as a founding member of the newly launched Saudi AgriFood Tech Alliance. This momentous event, hosted by the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA) on July 3, marks a significant milestone in BGI’s commitment to advancing agri-food technology and promoting sustainable agricultural development in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East.

图片 1.jpgGroup picture of all founding members of the Saudi Agri-Food Tech Alliance.

The Saudi AgriFood Tech Alliance, established under the leadership of MEWA, includes key founding members such as NEOM, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), and the Research Development and Innovation Authority (RDIA). The alliance aims to create a comprehensive platform that integrates scientific research and innovation, industrial application, and market expansion, aligning with Saudi Arabia's "Vision 2030" strategy to modernize agriculture and ensure national food security.


BGI Group’s inclusion in this prestigious alliance highlights its international influence in biotechnology and its strategic vision for agricultural development in the Middle East. With its extensive expertise in gene sequencing, bioinformatics, and other cutting-edge fields, BGI Group is set to inject robust technological impetus into the alliance, fostering significant advancements in agri-food technology.


Mr. Lu Jun, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of BGI Group, attended the launch event by invitation and stated, "BGI Group is honored to be a member of the Saudi AgriFood Tech Alliance. We are confident that through this platform, BGI can leverage its strengths in biotechnology to collaborate with partners in Saudi Arabia and around the world. Together, we will explore the vast possibilities of agri-food technology and contribute to the modernization and sustainable development of agriculture in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East."


The launch event featured keynote speeches from the Deputy Minister of MEWA and presentations by the seven founding members of the alliance. Mr. Ma Zhe, the Head of the West Asian Region at BGI, delivered a keynote address titled "BGI’s Technology Enabling the High-Quality Development of Agricultural Products in Saudi Arabia," emphasizing BGI’s commitment to applying advanced biotechnology to enhance agricultural production efficiency and quality, and ensure food safety.


"BGI Group has always been dedicated to leveraging advanced biotechnology to improve global agricultural production. Under the framework of the Saudi Agri-Food Tech Alliance, we will deepen our cooperation with various sectors in Saudi Arabia, promoting the rapid transformation and application of agricultural science and technology innovations. Together, we aim to build a new high ground for agri-food technology in the Middle East." Ma said.


As an integral member of the Saudi Agri-Food Tech Alliance, BGI Group is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities, contributing its expertise, and working collaboratively to drive technological advancements in agri-food technology, setting the stage for a new era of agricultural innovation in the Middle East.