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BGI Group Honored to Host Uruguayan Delegation

November 27, 2023 Views:

On November 25th, a delegation led by Elisa Facio, the Minister of Industry, Energy, and Mining of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, visited the BGI Group. The delegation exchanged views on cooperation in platform construction, industrial development, and other areas of collaboration with the BGI Group.

未命名文件1.jpgGroup picture of Elisa Facio, Uruguay's Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining (second from the left), Facundo Simón, Consulate General of Uruguay in Guangzhou, China (first from the left), Dr. Yin Ye, CEO and Executive Director of BGI Group (second from the right), and Li Ning, Vice President of BGI Group (first from the right).

Minister Elisa and her delegation visited the BGI Group headquarters, where they learned about the construction of BGI's scientific research facilities, cutting-edge instruments and equipment, technological innovation, and cooperation with Uruguay.


Minister Elisa expressed high regard for BGI Group's innovation in biotechnology and the progress of their cooperation with Uruguay. She also appreciated BGI Group's efforts to continue strengthening the collaboration in the bioeconomy industry and other fields.

未命名文件.jpgGroup photo of the Uruguayan delegation and BGI Group executive team.

Yin Ye, CEO and Executive Director of BGI Group, stated that BGI Group values its cooperation with Uruguay. By providing Uruguay with a wider range of life science technologies, products, and services, BGI Group is committed to enhancing Uruguay's scientific research capabilities and industrial development.

未命名文件3.jpgThe delegation learning about BGI Group's equipment development.