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BGI Group CEO Delivers Keynote at Inaugural China International Supply Chain Expo

November 30, 2023 Views:

On November 29, Dr. Yin Ye, CEO and Executive Director of BGI Group, delivered a keynote speech at a special forum during the inaugural China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) in Beijing, highlighting the advantages brought by rapid development in global genomics and the latest accomplishments of BGI Group.


The theme of the forum was “New Trends, New Power, and New Vision for Comprehensive Health." It focused on topics such as biopharmaceuticals, wellness, smart healthcare, and quality of life, and discussed new technology trends, strategies to aid in the development of the healthcare industry, ways to promote innovative business models, and plans to work toward a well-structured health industry.


Dr. Yin stated, "Among all the known digital technologies, the cost of genomic sequencing has decreased faster than Moore's Law. This presents new possibilities for healthcare, agriculture, energy, and environmentally-friendly materials."  

图片1.pngDr. Yin Ye, CEO and Executive Director of BGI Group, delivers a keynote speech. (Courtesy of CISCE)

He also mentioned the latest developments in BGI Group’s agriculture program. "Since 2002, BGI has been conducting rice research for over 20 years.” Through a collaboration with Yunnan University, the team has achieved perennial growth of rice. The root system from the previous year remains in place and in the second year, it develops in situ, much like bamboo.


He further elaborated, "This perennial rice has been continuously cultivated in Yunnan for 8 years. Each year, it can be harvested twice, with a cumulative yield of nearly one ton per mu (around 0.165 acre). We have already extended such a project to Africa to contribute to global food security."


At CISCE, BGI Group also showcased a variety of cutting-edge life science technologies and products.


Over the years, BGI has actively assumed social responsibility by offering comprehensive solutions for precision medicine, public health, disease prevention and control, and sustainable agriculture to many countries worldwide. BGI has published numerous papers in top international journals such as Cell, Nature, and Science. These papers, which cover research fields such as animals, plants, microorganisms, and medical health, are shared globally and form the foundation for scientific research and application development.


BGI continues to advance its global supply chain system by setting up production bases and factories in overseas countries. Localized production plays a crucial role in ensuring BGI's global supply and fostering local collaboration and economic development.


The first CISCE, centered around the theme "Connecting the World for a Shared Future," focused on five supply chains: Smart Vehicle, Green Agriculture, Clean Energy, Digital Technology, and Healthy Life. The expo’s objective is to create an open international platform that encourages collaboration among various sectors. This includes facilitating interaction between different stages of industries, from upstream to downstream, fostering connections between businesses of all sizes, promoting synergy between industry, academia, research, and application, and enabling interaction between Chinese and international companies.