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BGI Group Honored with Prestigious “Business for Good” ESG Award for Its Pioneering Efforts in Sustainable Development and Climate Change Mitigation

December 01, 2023 Views:

BGI Group has recently been recognized with the esteemed "Top 10 Business for Good Award." This accolade is a testament to the group's substantial contributions towards sustainable development and combating climate change.

图片 1.pngBGI Group has been recognized with the esteemed "Top 10 Business for Good Award."

The “For Good Award” stands as one of China’s premier annual recognitions, honoring enterprises, entrepreneurs, investment institutions, and academic research bodies that have significantly advanced public welfare through their work.


Of these categories, the Business for Good Award is specifically conferred upon companies and enterprises that leverage innovative business strategies to address social issues, foster creative social value concepts, and inspire other organizations towards benevolent actions.


BGI Group's receipt of this award underscores its long-standing commitment to employing technological innovations in tackling the global challenges of climate change, particularly through its dedicated efforts towards sustainable agricultural development.


BGI Group has collaborated with Chongqing Jiaotong University to launch a desert transformation planting system. This groundbreaking initiative addresses the pressing ecological issue of desertification and pioneers comprehensive solutions for desert ecology and agriculture.


The proprietary planting system integrates a range of technologies, including desert soilization, development of probiotics tailored for desert environments, and desert crop breeding. These strategies collectively contribute to the restoration of desert ecological environments, expansion of planting areas, and enhancement of desert habitats.


The transformative system has already been implemented in several desert regions in China, setting a benchmark for desert transformation and anti-desertification efforts globally.

图片 2.png图片 3.pngBGI Group's technology has been applied in the transformation of the desert.

BGI Group also delves into the research and development of probiotics aimed at fostering resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly modern agriculture. Based on the extensive data accumulated in BGI's microbial strain resource database, microbial genomes, and ecological environment information, BGI researchers unravel the correlation between microorganisms and plant phenotypes, leading to the development of innovative products through agricultural microbial technology.


Moreover, BGI Group enhances the water-saving and drought-resilience characteristics of crops through the application of whole-genome molecular breeding and other advanced technologies, enabling these crops to thrive in desert environments.


Looking ahead, BGI Group will continue to uphold its social responsibility with regard to ESG and collaborate with more scientific research institutions. The aim is to provide insight and experience for global challenges such as climate change and ecological destruction.