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Bridging Genomics and Talent between BGI Group and Chulalongkorn University: A Personal Journey with Student Kanyanee Promsawan

May 06, 2024 Views:

Cultivating the next generation of talents in life sciences lies at the heart of BGI Group’s social responsibilities. Its collaboration with Chulalongkorn University, Thailand's oldest institution of higher education established in 1917, stands as a true testament to fulfilling this responsibility, not only within Thailand but also in the global life sciences field. Currently, Chulalongkorn University has partnered with BGI Group to launch the 'BGI x Chula Talent Training Programs,’ aimed at jointly developing future scientific researchers and further advancing scientific research and technological innovation.

Kanyanee Promsawan is studying for a PhD in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology program at Chulalongkorn University, and participated in the collaboration program between Chulalongkorn University and BGI Group.. Her research aims to decode the secrets of genetic diseases through advanced analysis of sequencing data, and Kanyanee is excited to share her personal experiences and insights gained from her experience with BGI.


"Genomics, powered by advanced sequencing tools, plays an essential role in our understanding of life sciences," explains Kanyanee. She likens genomics to a key; one that unlocks the intricate details of our genetic makeup, revealing the structure, function, and regulatory mechanisms of our genes. "With the combination of these," she adds, "we can analyze large-scale genomic data, leading to advancements in disease diagnosis, treatment, and personalized medicine."

图片 1.jpgKanyanee Promsawan, a PhD student in the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology program at Chulalongkorn University.

Kanyanee's introduction to BGI left a lasting impression. Through a collaboration program between her university and BGI, she attended one of BGI’s academic seminars, which she recalls as an "incredibly positive" experience. It was BGI's ambition to apply omics technologies for the well-being of mankind, expressed through the initiative “Omics for All,” that resonated deeply with her as it highlighted BGI’sdedication to making genomics accessible and beneficial to everyone.


Delving deeper into her journey, Kanyanee shares how BGI's focus on genomics has significantly influenced her research into genetic diseases. “[By] using the BGl sequencing platform, we obtain high-quality and affordable Whole Genomic Sequencing data for further analysis of genetic variants,” she explains. “My research in genetic diseases, including patients in Thailand, has benefited from BGl’s advancements in genomic sequencing technologies. [This] also provided me with more perspectives on life science technologies.” 


She finds it  inspiring to see how BGI’s methodologies and findings in disease detection, molecular diagnosis, and precision treatment align with her current research interests. BGI's work in multi-omics technology, in particular, has provided valuable perspectives that fuel her academic curiosity and research goals.


Moreover, the training experience was enriched by the diversity of participants from various countries, offering her broader perspectives on life science technologies and valuable insights into the global research landscape.


Looking to the future, Kanyanee is eager to collaborate with BGI, especially in genetics and epigenetics research, focusing on disease diagnosis and personalized preventive medicine. "I believe that BGI’s advanced technologies and research knowledge could help me achieve my future research goals," she concludes with a note of optimism and determination.


This journey has not only enriched Kanyanee's research but also strengthened her resolve to contribute to the field of genomics. As she continues her journey in bioinformatics and computational biology, she is eager to explore and contribute to the advancements in this field.