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"Love is Flowing" Large-scale Public Welfare Program

December 29, 2018 Views:

On February 28th, the “Love is Flowing” large-scale public welfare program jointly initiated by the National Population and Family Planning Commission and the China Population Welfare Foundation was first launched in Guangdong. An advocate for people’s health, BGI donated 100,000 HPV testing services, worth of RMB¥6 million, to the people in poverty, . The China Population Welfare Foundation commended BGI and issued a Certificate of Honor.

In the same year, the Heshan Municipal Government in Guangdong Province launched the “HPV Screening for Cervical Cancer Program for 100,000 Heshan Women ”, using the highly effective screening model -voluntary community screening service without relying on doctors + self-sampling of the subject + sample preservation card + HPV high-throughput gene sequencing technology. It has become the first demonstration site for cervical cancer screening and early detection for the rest of the country.