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BGI Group Researchers Featured in Elsevier's 2023 Highly Cited Chinese Researchers List

March 28, 2024 Views:

Shenzhen, March 28 – Elsevier, a distinguished publisher in the field of science and analytics, has recognized the exemplary contributions of three researchers from BGI Group in its 2023 Highly Cited Chinese Researchers list. This list celebrates researchers whose work has gained significant citations, reflecting their prominent influence in their respective scientific disciplines.


The Biology category of the list includes Wang Jian, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of BGI Group; Yang Huanming, Co-founder and Member of the Board of Directors of BGI Group and Director-General of BGI; and Xu Xun, Executive Director of BGI Group, Director of BGI-Research.

Throughout 2023, BGI Group has made substantial contributions to scientific literature, with 382 articles published. Among these, 62 papers were featured in the esteemed “CNNS” series – journals that represent the pinnacle of scientific publishing, including CellNature, Science, and their sister publications, alongside The New England Journal of Medicine. To date, BGI Group's total publication count stands at 5,022, with 580 of those in the “CNNS” series.

The achievements of BGI researchers have illuminated the global life sciences landscape throughout 2023. Notable accomplishments include the creation of the most comprehensive primate brain cell atlas - published in Cell - which represents a revolutionary step for brain science and offers new insights into neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Another groundbreaking study detailed Antarctic krill's evolutionary adaptation to the Southern Ocean, a Cell cover story that provided new understandings of the species' role in its ecosystem. BGI's participation in the primate study on the genome data of 50 species of primates from 14 families and 38 genera has also unveiled critical evolutionary insights, underscoring the institute’s pivotal role in advancing knowledge across human health, conservation biology, and behavioral science.

The presence of BGI Group researchers on the Highly Cited Chinese Researchers List underscores the organization's dedication to cutting-edge research and its substantial impact on the global scientific community. The 2023 list comprises 5,801 researchers from 496 institutions, reflecting the depth and diversity of research excellence in China.