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The First Announcement of the ICG-19-THA

April 08, 2024 Views:

Dear colleagues and friends around the globe, the organizing committee of the ICG-19 is thrilled to announce the 19th International Conference on Genomics Thailand part (ICG-19-THA) will be held at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok on May 18th and 19th, 2024.

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The ICG-19-THA will continue to uphold the spirit of the Human Genome Project (HGP) - "Owned by All, Done by All, Shared by All", advocating for global and human-wide sharing, especially promoting international cooperation among developing countries.

This year's conference promises to be meaningful, featuring not only the traditional academic sessions of ICG but also introducing an intriguing forum - Transformation and Application in Longevity. This session will focus on how advancements in genetic technology can contribute to healthy aging in humans and further explore the profound impacts of this phenomenon on global economies, social structures, retirement systems, and ethical regulations. With global aging becoming a universal challenge, discussions on longevity economics are particularly pertinent, as they not only concern future economic development models but also touch upon the sustainability and equity of human societies. This session will emphasize promoting health span through scientific research and technological means while exploring the development potential and possibilities of longevity economics, providing new impetus for global economic development.

The 19th International Conference on Genomics, with its broad international perspective, focuses on the latest genomic research while addressing significant issues in human society, demonstrating the power and charm of science, as well as scientists' profound concern for the future of humanity. We look forward to this scientific feast, anticipating it will bring new hope and possibilities for the future of humanity.


Date: May 18-19, 2024

Theme: Omics, Wellness and Longevity
Venue: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Language: English

Expected Audience: 300


  • Faculty of Medicine-Chulalongkorn University
  • BGI Group
  • Bangkok Genomics Innovation PCL (BKGI)
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Bumrungrad International Hospital & VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center
  • ThaiOmics


  • Hangzhou Bictimes Culture and Technology Co., Ltd


Chair of the Organizing Committee:

Huanming YANG
Chair of the Academic Committee:
Siqi LIU
Executive Chair of the Organizing Committee:
Co-chairs of the IIAB (International Independent Advisory Board):
Co-chairs of the ICG-19-THA:
Co-chairs of the Transformation and Application in Longevity:

Brian KENNEDY, Guanghui LIU


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 Moderators and Speakers

(in alphabetical order of speakers' last names)

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Continuously updated...

Registration Process

6.1 Registration Fee Standards

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*Note: Students and BGI staffs are entitled to a 50% discount with a valid ID. The BGI staff card is only used for registration and cannot be used as a proof of attendance.

6.2 Payment Methods

6.2.1 Alipay or WeChat Pay

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Please scan the QR code above to pay the registration fee

*Remittance Note: For those who register and pay the fee through Alipay or WeChat Pay, please make sure to upload the picture of the remittance voucher after paying the fee so that you can check and inquire about invoicing.

6.2.2 Bank Transfer (THB Only)

Account name: Bangkok Genomics Innovation Public Company Limited

Account number: 425-171934-1
Bank: Siam Commercial Bank PCL
Branch: Big C Rama 4
*Remittance Note: Please make sure to indicate "Remitter's Name + ICG-19-THA", and send the remittance voucher, personal information of the remittance, including name, contact Iinformation and student ID card or BGI Staff card if available, and invoice/ticket information to the following e-mail address:

6.2.3 Please note:

(1) The registration time is based on the actual payment time, and the on-site payment is based on the on-site payment price.
(2) Participants who have paid the fee and are unable to attend the conference for any reason, please apply to the conference organizer. The remaining balance will be refunded after deducting 200 CNY handling fee.
(3) Invoice issuance and collection: Pay attention to check the electronic invoice through the registered email address before and after 10 working days after the successful payment, and the invoice for on-site registration will be issued within 15 working days after the meeting.

(4) The registration fee includes 2-day lunch. Transportation and accommodation costs are at your own expense.


Time: May 18-19, 2024

Venue: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

For more information about Exhibiting, please contact: Ms. Wang JING

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