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  • BGI Showcases its COVID-19 Anti-pandemic Technology at the 2021 SCO Expo

    Qingdao, China, April 26, 2021 – BGI, a leading life science organization, is showcasing its COVID-19 anti-pandemic technology including the Huo-Yan Laboratory solutions and high-throughput sample preparation system at the 2021 SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) International Investment and ...

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  • BGI Awarded the Order of the Serbian Flag

    On February 15, President Aleksandar Vucic of Serbia honored BGI Group with the Order of the Serbian Flag, First Class, for their assistance in Serbia’s fight against COVID-19. In 2020, BGI Group helped Serbia build two state-of-the-art high-throughput "Huo-Yan (Fire-Eye) Laboratories” for COVID-...

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  • Decoding the Mystery of Multiple Sex Chromosomes and Oviparity in Platypus

    The iconic platypus and echidna (monotremes) display a unique mix of mammalian and reptilian features and form the most distantly related group of living mammals. One of their most well-known features is that they lay eggs to produce offspring while secret milk to feed them. Monotremes als...

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